Boonex Dolphin integration

Thank you for considering the installation of our Visuland for BoonEx Dolphin plugin. Our goal was an easy-to-use tool, so that you can provide your members with a unique 3D virtual reality meeting place. To learn more about Visuland, please visit the home page, or see What is Visuland?.

To evaluate, you can visit our site to see what your customers will experience. Join the community, log in, click on the VisuLand icon in the menu and enjoy :)

Installing & configuring the plugin

  1. Get the latest Visuland Dolphin Plugin (forget the one you might have downloaded from Unity)
    1. Please note that the plugin requires Dolphin 7.0.3 or newer (the one linked here works with 7.0.4 as well) and the ability to make HTTP requests from the server using curl
    2. Remove any previous versions and clear all caches
      1. Delete the visuland directory in modules
      2. On the admin panel (or Admin Home) page click on "All" in the Clear Cache box
    3. Extract the contents of the zip file in the <dolphin-www-root>/modules/ directory
    4. Go to the admin panel
    5. Select Tools then Modules
    6. Look for the Visuland module, check it and press Install
  2. Contact us, and request your free domain password, required to embed the plugin
  3. On the administration page click Modules / VisuLand. Enter your domain password. Click on the Refresh button, and select your world. Save it.
  4. Insert VisuLand in your menu using Builders / Navigation Menu, search for the VisuLand block and drag it in the menu.


We would love to hear from you! Should you have any question or comment, please don't hesitate contacting us.