Private World

You too can have a virtual reality of your own! WebLords Ltd. would like to work with you to help you increase the number of visitors on your website.

Our product, Visuland is a 3D virtual world that offers the experience of in-person meetings with the use of a spectacular three dimensional world and live voice chat. Visuland features several popular locations like a cosy garden, an exquisite office, or a tropical island, but if you have something else in your mind for your Private World, don't hesitate to contact us and ask about it! Visuland also has numerous mini-applications for work and for fun. Your users can share desktops, presentations, watch video streams together, just chat, or play popular games like "Chess" Reversi" or "Connect Four".  The highly customizable avatars let your users really create and adjust their virtual self according to the occasion, or their mood! You can take a demo our in Visuland here.

Unlike other virtual realities, Visuland doesn’t require long and complicated installing. All it takes for the user is the click of a button, and in 30 seconds they can enter a new world. It can easily be embedded to your website as well, embedding right into your pages, so your visitors have the chance to use Visuland in your very own Private World, where you set the rules, and you decide who is allowed in. In your Private World, your users don’t have to make additional registrations to enter, they can simply do so by using their existing registration on your website.

Why not grab this opportunity to raise the number of visitors your website gets, and make it even more successful than it is now? Having a social tool like Visuland ony your webpage is bound to spice up the community, and potentially bring in new users resulting in the growth of your website.

Should you decide to join foces with us, our experts are ready to make a version of Visuland for your website, and of course provide technical support for it for the whole time of our co-operation. The group of websites having Visuland integrated and making it available for their users is growing on a daily basis. Visuland is already available on the biggest social networking websites on the Internet, such as Facebook, Orkut, Ning and LinkedIn.

To get your own Visuland Private World, contact us here on this website!