What is Visuland?

Visuland is a 3D virtual world with countless possibilities. It has the features of the popular social networking sites, but at the same time offers the experience of in-person meetings with the use of a spectacular 3D world and live voice chat. 

Visuland can easily be integrated to your website as well, embedding right into your pages, so your visitors have the chance to use Visuland in your very own Private World, where you set the rules, and you decide who is allowed in. 

Visuland doesn’t require long and complicated installing, unlike other virtual realities. All it takes for the user is the click of a button. 

You can already find Visuland on some off the biggest social networking websites, like Facebook, Orkut, Ning and LinkedIn! But if you own a private social networking site with open source background (like elgg.org for example), visuland can be embedded to your website just as easy.

Take a tour of Visuland now, on our new demo-site, www.visuland.tv!


Visuland provides a wide range of communication options for the users. You can type, you can talk, or you can let others do the talikng for you by sharing pictures, videos or even your desktop!
Along with the common applications of type-based chat, Visuland also offers the possibility of live voice and/or video communication for multiple users (Just like in real life, the avatars of the users using a headset can talk with each other if they are within hearing distance just as if they were standing next to each other thanks to our life-like voice chat simulation. An there is more! Using the telehead option, users can share the vision of their webcam, further increasing the in-person feeling of the communication! ), desktop sharing (this feature lets other users see exactly what you see on your desktop, making it easier to work or to troubleshoot on a computer from afar), joint video (youtube, vimeo, etc) watching.


All Visuland users have their own, customizable avatar, which enables them to use the possibilities of this virtual 3D world to its fullest extent.
The avatars can be customized to the smallest details! Besides the shape of the body, the face, and the color of the hair, cloths and accesories can be customized as well, up to the level of what picture to wear on their T-Shirt, or whether or not to wear make-up. The avatars can be redone any time the user wants to (e.g. a suit for buisness meetings and shorts and tees for the beach party in the evening).
The avatars also have the option to make the users feel even more like they are meeting in person, by using the so-called “Telehead” feature. Enabling the “Telehead” feature swaps the head of the avatar with a 3D television which shows the picture of the user’s webcam. It is fun, it is futuristic, and at the same time enables users to have a live video chat inside Visuland, while at the same time using the built in mini appllications (e.g. playing a round of chess).

Mini applications

If your users run out of things to say, or simply get bored, they can watch video streams (together if they so desire), share presentations with each other, play minigames together, all inside your Visuland Private World.
The in-game-applications in Visuland make this virtual space ideal for both for working and for socializing with geographically distant individuals, sharing common interests or just to relax.
The world itself is perfectly suitable for virtual meetings, making it a useful tool for anyone who runs buisness with partners too far for in person meetings. Also, users can share their desktops with others, as well as make and hold presentations inside the virtual world.
If they would rather turn to the relaxing options in Visuland, users can match their strategic and memory skill in popular games like "Chess", "Connect four", "Memory", "Reversi" or "Battleship".
The range of applications available inside Visuland is growing constantly, and in your Private World you have the power to decide which one of the you want to make available for your users.

Your Private World

Sharing a virtual space with others is great, but in case you would rather have your very own virtual reality, where you have perfect control, then Visuland is your best choice! Our experts would gladly make you your own Private World powered Visuland Technology. In your Private World, your users don’t even have to make additional registrations in order to enter, they can simply do so by using their existing registration on your website.

If you have an open source education system (e.g. Moodle, etc.), a Private World can help you to take it to the next level! Visuland can supply your e-learning system with a 3D virtual space to learn in, making every class more memorable and thus the whole process more effective. Also, Visuland is a great place to perform tasks that require real-time communication, like private or group consultations (questions, revising the material, etc.)

Check out the possibilities at moodle.visuland.com!